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Okoban®. Global lost and found service.

Protect your laptop, passport, luggage, iPhone and valuables with Okoban tracker tags. Your lost valuables find you. Purchase includes lifelong coverage.



Use the Okoban UID tag
to track your items
across the globe.


Register your tag once and enjoy free lost and found service for life.

12,000 laptops lost per week in US airports alone. 8,000 are never returned because the owners cannot be found. (Click Airport Insecurity: The Case of Missing & Lost Laptops on Blog page to see the source) Breathe easy. The Okoban UID Tracker Tag on your camera gives a finder a way to return it to you. Your lost camera finds you with Okoban. Tech gadgets are smaller, lighter, more plentiful, and easier to lose. Few identifying features make it difficult to find the owner.  An Okoban UID Tracker Tag solves this problem, even if item is turned off or no battery power. Losing your phone could mean losing your contacts, your photos, your messages, and other critical information.  Help a finder get it back to you by using Okoban, even if your battery is gone. Losing your keys can leave you stranded, even worse than losing your luggage.  Add an Okoban UID Tracker Tag to help someone get you home sooner. 400,000 bags and luggage are sold to salvage annually. Okoban UID Luggage Tags help to ensure your bags get back to you. (Click Airline Quality Rating, 2011 on <b>Blog</b> page to see the source) Passports are left behind everyday at hotels, restaurants, shuttles, buses, taxis.  Avoid hassle of losing yours and put an Okoban Tracker Tag on it so your passport can find you.