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Nov, 12

Featured Finders – A Monthly Feature of the Best Lost and Found Stories

Real stories by real people spreading really goodwill. Proof that you can’t make this stuff up! Also proving there is a lot of global goodwill out there. Send us your remarkable lost and found story. Featured stories receive a free combo pack of Okoban tracker and luggage tags, with our compliments. To submit your story click HERE.



Dec, 12

Saskatchewan Bird Finds Camera Lost Eight Months

Saskatchewan resident Karen Gwillim found and returned a camera that she recovered from a bird and returned it to a Saskatoon man who had lost the camera eight months earlier. She found the owner by publishing the photos from the camera’s memory card in local news media. As for the bird, Ms. Gwillim reported that “he was relieved to have something that heavy removed”.

Dec, 12

NYC Taxi Driver Delivers Lost Gear to Filmmaker – Good People Doing the Right Thing (A Video)

NYC filmmaker Casey Neistat tells a beautiful personal lost and found story, successfully recovering his filmmaking gear after leaving it in a NYC taxicab. A testimonial to “good people doing the right thing”.