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Jun, 12

iPad found me at airport

“Our flight arrived in Chicago late. I was traveling with my two young children with all of the expected paraphernalia (stroller, carry-on luggage, books).

With all of the activities of exiting the aircraft, gathering up all of our stuff, my daughter left our iPad in the seat pocket of the airplane. We left the airplane and never knew we’d left the iPad behind. Fortunately, my husband had placed an Okoban tracking tag on the iPad.

We were at baggage claim when my cell phone rang and let me know that the iPad was waiting for us at the lost and found. Can you believe this? My iPad was found and reported to me before I ever knew I had lost it. Wow.

I called and picked up the iPad and thanked the lost and found attendant. You know, there are a lot of nice people in this world. Thank goodness we had placed those Okoban tracking tags on our valuables. Okoban saved the day.”

Anne McKinley

Chicago, IL

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